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Restaurant Information

To participate, we are asking that you provide a “sample size portion” of Chips and Salsa for an estimated 2500 people. You may also provide multiple types/flavors of salsas or other dips such as queso, and guacamole if desired. Quantities of “additional” dips made available to the public are up to you.

What We Provide

Transportation and Staffing

We strongly encourage at least 2-4 staff members be present at the event, however if transportation or staffing is an issue, we can make arrangements to assist you with volunteers to ensure your involvement. The need for assistance must be indicated on the application, and verified AT LEAST 2 WEEKS prior to event via email.

Set up Times

Check in will begin as early as 9am and all booths must be decorated and staffed by 10:30am.

You will also need to provide

Table Cloth, soufflé or portion cups for salsa as well as napkins. We will provide containers for you to distribute chips to each individual. No entrees or drinks may be served at the event.

Other Details

Once signed up you will receive a monthly email with updated, as well as a weekly email 3 weeks prior to the event.

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