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Volunteer Information

Thank you for your interest and willingness to volunteer at TFI Family Connections' Salsa De Mayo! Please take some time and familiarize yourself with the different positions available to volunteer in before filling out the Volunteer Application on the link below:

Before we describe the various opportunities to serve, please understand a few things:

  • We may ask you to serve in multiple areas, depending on your range of availability.
  • Different areas may require you to show up earlier than others, however ALL volunteers must be checked in, trained, and in place by 2:00pm, regardless of area of service. Once your application has been processed and approved, you will be contacted either by the Volunteer Coordinator, or a specific section team leader. They will keep you informed via email, phone calls, or texts on specific requirements for each position.
  • The descriptions and time requirements of each position on this site are generic in scope. More detailed descriptions and time requirements will be provided by the Section Team Leaders in future emails, phone calls or texts.
  • We realize that many of you have children. Unfortunately, we can not provide childcare. However, as a small aide for potential childcare issues, we will be giving each volunteer 2 free admissions to give to family and/or friends. Keep in mind, children 4 and under are free.

Positions in RED denote positions that are available to teenagers age 15 and lower to volunteer in.

  • As a special perk, most volunteers will have an opportunity to sample a few salsa's at 2:15 right before we open the doors!


  • Kid Zone Team Lead: Responsible in leading a team to research and find the best pricing for entertainment within the Kid Zone. This includes but is not limited to, inflatables, bubble machines, pinatas, face painting, temporary tattoos, confetti kits. In addition the lead is responsible for contacting volunteers designated to them by the volunteer coordinator prior to event, and placing/training them when they arrive at the event.
  • Volunteer Coordinator: Responsible for keeping track of all volunteer applications, and event personnel needs. Places volunteers in appropriate positions based upon event needs. In constant communication with the Team Leads via email. It is the Volunteer Coordinator who places the volunteers and passes information to appropriate team leaders for further training and communication. The Volunteer Coordinator ensures every volunteer finds their appropriate team lead on the day of the event.
  • Set Up/Tear Down Team Lead: This team lead will have associate leads underneath them, as well as a team of volunteers. The Set Up Team Lead is responsible for the oversight of all decorations and placement of booths prior to the event, as well as appropriate materials being placed in each room. This lead, with the aide of their associate leads, will be in charge of researching all needed decorations and details for each environment within the event. During the event, this lead will make sure the associate set-up leads have all the materials and volunteers they need for their section or room (entrance, entree gallery, etc.), as well as communicating with volunteers prior to the event. In a similar manner, they will delegate the clean up after the event is over. It is very important that this lead communicates with volunteers on arrival times.
  • Set Up/Tear Down Associate Leads: Works closely with the Set up team in executing the designed floor plan for each room, as well as designing the decorations for each room. While the Set Up Lead is in charge of the entire event, the Associate Lead will be in charge of ONE SECTION of the event (lobby, arena, pastors meeting room, etc.) They will be in charge of the volunteers who are helping them in their particular section. . In a similar manner, they will delegate the clean up after the event is over.
  • Hello Team Lead: Responsible for communicating with and training all volunteers signed up for Hello/Greeting, Parking Lot, and Ticket Sells, as well as passing out brochures and feedback forms.

Set Up Positions

  • Vendor Registration: Volunteers who check in restaurants and agencies, and escort them to their proper booth.
  • Volunteer Registration: Responsible for Checking in all volunteers, leading them to their appropriate team leader, as well as distributing Volunteer T-shirts.
  • Set up / Decorations Team: Works with associate team leads in set up and decorations.
  • Transportation Team: Helps restaurants who are in need of transporting salsa to the arena prior to the event starting, as well as possibly returning equipment after the event is over.

Event Positions

  • Inflatables: Ensures safety and proper numbers in inflatables
  • Bubble Machine/Temporary Tattoos: Helps to monitor the machine, and place tattoos on children.
  • Face Painters: Someone who can paint a lot of butterflies and flowers very quickly?
  • Salsa Servers: Helps participating restaurants in the distribution of their products.
  • Merchandise / Concessions Team: selling all merchandise and drinks, possibly some food as well.
  • Medic: A doctor or nurse who can attend and just be there in case we need them.
  • Admissions / Tickets Sells: Responsible for ticket to the Salsa Arena and Entree Gallery. Process any online tickets bought.
  • Emcee: Energetic people who will tease the next "event" that is going on during the evening, (burrito eating contest, etc).
  • Photo / Video Team: A team who will video or photograph various aspects of the evening.
  • Stage Crew: A team who will assist in the set up/tear down of various stage activities as well as a runner for the Emcee.
  • Sound Man: Someone with basic knowledge on how to set up, run and tear down a basic sound system.
  • Photo Booth Attendant: Oversees the "props" at the photo booth, as well as offering to take photos for the families, and/or posting them on social media (with permission)
  • Parking Lot Team: Assists vendors, agencies, and volunteers to the proper entrances and parking areas, as well as ensuring smooth traffic flow for the public before and after the event.
  • Hospitality/ Hello Team: Hands out brochures to the Salsa Arena, Punch cards to the Entree Gallery, Resource material in the Pastors meeting, distributes and collects all feedback forms after the event. Will also assist in counting the votes at the end of the night.
  • Logistical Assistants: Two individuals who will be personal assistants to the Executive Director and Lead Event Coordinator to assist in proper time flow, and trouble shooting. Where they go, you go.
  • Tasting Room Attendants: Helps to serve entree items and drinks to those in the tasting room.

Post Event Positions

  • Clean Up Team: Any volunteers able to stay after the event to help clean up.
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